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Climate change horror stories a storm in a teacup

Last month saw the arrival of 40,000 delegates and 6,000 journalists in Paris to highlight concern for global warming and climate change.

Dire warnings of imminent disaster were articulated by Prince Charles, who declared that there was little time to avoid climate catastrophe and Jim Yong Kim who predicted that the impact of climate change would destabilise countries. Lighten up.

The dinosaurs of 60m years ago have been surpassed by the phenomenally successful mammals of today among which our own human race takes pride of place.

Even if the polar caps were to melt, think of the opportunities this would present for plants, birds and animals to establish fresh colonies within the new ecosystems of the previously inhospitable frozen wastelands of the Arctic.

Rather than wringing our hands, Hamlet-like, over the passing away of former things, let us look forward to and embrace the new dawn being ushered in by the wheel of eternity.


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