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Climate change report alarmism, not science

The UK Climate Change Risk Assessment Report claims that if we don't immediately reduce our emissions we will be inundated by endless floods, hurricanes, plagues of frogs etc.

In fact the report frequently confuses climate with climate change - our natural maritime climate is unpredictable and no specific event has ever been linked to CO2 emissions.

Any serious review of climate science will demonstrate that the impact of human-caused climate change on the behaviour of most types of extreme weather is poorly understood.

A growing body of scientific evidence, based on observations rather than models, indicates any climate change will be much smaller than that suggested in the IPCC's alarmist reports.

The idea that humanity will be overwhelmed by its endlessly negative predictions of climate catastrophe ignores our demonstrated ability to respond to environmental challenges.

So, to conclude that "increasingly frequent and intense heat events lead to more heat-related deaths" is not only a non sequitur - it is a wholly unscientific and pejorative statement.


St Andrews

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