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Cling on to hope for a happy life

Barry White's article on happiness (Belfast Telegraph, December 19) is of universal interest and it is something all people want to attain.

An Arabic saying makes the point: When one has health, one has hope. And when one has hope, one has everything.

So hope is vital.

The greatest example of happiness I ever read was in the Belfast Telegraph a number of years back.

A 12-year-old Belfast boy in a wheelchair had raised nearly half-a -million pounds for charity and he was asked by the journalist why he was so cheerful and happy.

I have never forgotten the answer he gave. He said: Helping others.

So in two words this young man summed up the secret of happiness - it lies in service.

So love is vital.

But, like Barry White says, many of us fail to reach our potential and there is a lesson to be learned from the children of Africa, who radiate joyful resilience.

So faith is vital. Faith, hope and love will bring you peace of mind and that's the greatest joy of all.

The greatest thing about joy is that the more of it you give away, the more it returns.

Fergal Curran Carnlough

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