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Closing Vatican embassy is a smart move

The smartest move the Republic's government has made since coming into office has been to announce the closure of Ireland's embassy to the Vatican.

This is a state that has never been a friend of Ireland, in spite of what a lot of misguided people might think.

The Vatican is a state that creates quite a lot of hunger and misery throughout this world as it interferes in the personal lives of innocent but gullible people who listen to the advice of its high priest - the Pope in Rome - who tells them family planning is a mortal sin and that children who die from hunger go up to heaven where God will take care of them.

The Pope and his cronies live like lords in palaces while preaching the virtues of poverty to their followers.

This organisation has always been dead set against progress and human enlightenment throughout history and its main philosophies are ignorance, prejudice and backwardness.

It's a sign of progress in Ireland that this particular embassy is being closed down. It should have happened a long time ago.


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