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Clutching at straws over story of Noah

I am loath to continue the flood myth debate as the likes of Ian McClean (Write Back, June 8) will never be convinced.

However, Liam Clarke's article (Comment, June 7) about the influence of fundamentalism in the province reminds me that I must keep trying, as the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

In claiming the abundance of flood myths is proof of Noah's one, Mr McClean is clutching at straws. Flood myths are common because floods are common. And with an abundance of such myths, it is inevitable that there will be similarities, so creationists gleefully cherry pick those and ignore the differences.

As primitive peoples had no concept of the size of the world, they could easily perceive a particularly bad flood as global.

And, as an obvious refuge in such an event is boats, it is unsurprising that boats feature in some flood tales.

The flood myth argument is as asinine as another creationist favourite - that the popularity of dragon myths is proof that dinosaurs were on the Ark.


Warrington, Cheshire


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