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Columnist correct to berate Sinn Fein

I suggest to John McMullan (Write Back, August 1) that, if he could persuade his Sinn Fein friends or associates to reply to, rather than ignoring, Ruth Dudley Edwards’ “fixation” in favour of maintaining their own fixations, then he might get some satisfaction.

And while he is at it, he might also press them on whether their support now for the absorption of the Republic of Ireland into the EU is simply a tactical move, or whether they have really given up the idea of an independent, socialist Ireland in favour of total integration into a wider union. But what if it is simply tactical?

This is where — given the silence of the local commentariat on this matter — the prods of someone such as Ruth Dudley Edwards are important. May they continue (unless, of course, John McMullan can do better in getting an answer).

WA Miller


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