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Columnist is 'partisan, smug and shallow'

It is unhelpful in the present climate of heightened sensitivities about flag issues to imply, as Fionola Meredith (Comment, December 26) does, that loyalists were responsible for, as she terms it, "the movie running in our minds, on our streets and broadcast across the world: how the loyalists stole Christmas".

I contrast the implications of this shallow and partisan analysis, allied to a pervading sense of smug worthiness, with the words of Ed Curran (Comment, December 24): "Had the rules of democracy, as defined in the Good Friday Agreement and as operated at Stormont, been applied in Belfast City Council, all that has happened might have been avoided."

In the same article I also find the assertion that "one-in-five people lives in poverty here" shocking.

Are we subtly being encouraged to blame this on an uncaring Government?



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