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Comments by McCausland irresponsible

Nelson McCausland (DebateNI, January 22) makes a number of valid points about an Irish Language Act.

At this time of cutbacks, the costing of any initiative is of paramount importance. To show my lack of bias, I suggest starting with the Department of Education, where the minister intends to set up a free-standing Irish school based not on reasonable demand, but on speculation.

But to demand that some basic rights should be enshrined in legislation is not irrational. Language rights have been trampled over here in the past and an opportunity now exists to make amends.

I am an Irish language enthusiast, not a zealot. I have no political affiliation. Irish should not be used to gain political advantage. So I find Mr McCausland’s parting shot irresponsible: “Where do they get their teachers from?” Who is playing politics with Irish now?

Does he believe in peace and reconciliation? His question possibly endangers Irish teachers, who are only interested in the cultural and educational benefits of the language. He should retract his remarks immediately.



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