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Commissioner's excuses a harsh lesson for us all

The headline over your article, 'Children's chief blasts transfer tests, but admits her own kids took them' (News, April 30), says it all.

Our new Children's Commissioner Koulla Yiasouma, like so many people who oppose grammar schools, attacks academic selection while taking advantage of it for her own children.

Unsurprisingly, she attempts to give her decision a fig-leaf of respectability by claiming that she was forced into it by the system.

But do we not already have all-ability schools in Northern Ireland which are available to parents who are genuinely opposed to academic selection?

All children here have the opportunity to take the assessment which determines places in grammar schools. Contrast this with Great Britain's comprehensive system, which allows well-off parents to simply buy a house in the catchment area for the most prestigious school, or pay for their children to attend a private school. Readers can decide which system is actually more equal.



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