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Commission's bid on abortion law misguided

THE Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission are weighing in to the current abortion debate on changing our abortion law (News, Dec 11).

Instead of taking part in the public consultation like everyone else they have decided to go to court to try to influence the nature of any reform in our law claiming that the existing abortion legislation is "a violation of human rights".

Why can this organisation not just make their views on rape/incest cases known in the public consultation process? By going to court it would seem they are putting unfair pressure on this debate and trying to override the Department of Justice. Surely this is beyond the remit of the NIHRC?

The purpose of the NIHRC is supposedly to protect "the human rights of everyone in Northern Ireland". Why then, given that human life begins at conception when we are genetically complete, can the NIHRC not seek to protect the human rights of the unborn child also? Why the disregard for the human rights of the unborn? By being conceived we are human and have the right to life and all subsequent human rights.

brian ritchie


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