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Communism drove Germans towards Hitler

Everyone is missing the point about the photos of Nazi sympathiser Edward VIII teaching two little girls the Nazi salute, because the elephant in the garden is Joseph Stalin (News, July 21).

The Hitler of 1938 was not visible in 1932. He was elected because of the fear that was rampant in Europe at the time. Lenin and Stalin had accounted for 20 million or so who died in Russia's civil war and another 10 million or so exterminated during the imposition of collective farming.

The German middle class accepted Hitler's analysis that Marxist-Leninism was the greatest threat to their freedom, security and prosperity. Atrocities in Russia were being played down or denied by the many "fellow travellers" among British intellectuals who were justified in being ashamed of conditions suffered by working-class Britons at the time.

How Lenin came to power on the back of Lloyd George's betrayal of the Russian provisional government is still officially a State secret, so it is not surprising that knowledge of what was going on in Russia and why the Germans responded as they did had not yet clarified in people's thinking.

Many aspects of Lenin's rise to power are still being covered up and so people are projecting on to the Hitler of 1932 the knowledge of and revulsion about the war years, the camps and other atrocities - all aspects that had not yet appeared, even in Germany.


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