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Communities need to look to the future

Having looked at the recent proposals for the future of Catholic education, I can't help but feel that they present a radical, yet thoughtful, attempt to match the actual needs of a modern economy with the provision of a professional and modern education system.

If it is, indeed, true that the 21st century workforce is no longer the divided spectre of blue and white-collar workers, surely it stands to reason that our education system needs to adapt accordingly.

The Catholic sector appears to be making the much-needed change to keep in step with the changing world in which we all now live and work.

But who is speaking up for those in the Protestant community? Certainly not Peter Robinson and Sir Ken Bloomfield,

If it is up to them, the Controlled and Voluntary grammar sectors, which serve our community, and which ultimately were designed for the last century, will continue to ossify and crumble.

Is there nobody in the unionist community thinking about the future of education as opposed to the past?


Co Down


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