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Compassion is needed in animal slaughtering

JOHN Eoin Douglas' assertion (Write Back, May 12) that campaigning against the slaughtering of animals by halal and shechita means "is a transparent excuse to get away with showing the sort of prejudice against Muslims and Jews" is just lethargic rhetorical nonsense used to justify his own bias on the subject.

Were we in any doubt of this, his rambling, self-indulgent inquiries to source pig meat butchered through these methods confirms this conclusively.

There is no doubt that an over-dependence on a meat-filled diet, together with a public malaise regarding humane practices in slaughtering animals, has allowed great suffering of animals to take place.

Personally, I don't eat meat and it relates solely to my concerns regarding animal welfare. I don't suggest, as Mr Douglas would, that those who do voice concern should all become vegans.

Rather, a more considered and compassionate approach to the slaughter of animals should be pursued.

As this cannot be secured through discretionary practices, it should be made a mandatory requirement.

I am not naive enough to believe this will come any time soon. I think the adage 'pigs will fly' is more likely to occur.

In which case, Mr Douglas may well be able to source his own pork independent of any assistance from your readers.


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