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Compromise vital for parties in a coalition

With the continued lack of progress between the two big parties, I - like so many others - am fed up with them referring to their "mandate".

They assume that every detail - no matter how big, or small - in their manifestos must be implemented in full.

Why does this happen? Because we have a compulsory coalition.

If "normal" coalitions are examined - whether it be the British Government in 2010, Germany at present, or even Dail Eireann, the parties concerned have had to compromise. This seems impossible here, as either party has a veto unless they get their way. So, as others have said, the health service is nearing collapse, but our MLAs continue with their "dog in a manger" attitude and do nothing.

Enough is enough. Bring on direct rule.

With all its problems, it might get the budgets spent.

Roy Edwards

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