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Confusion over UUP/Tory link still remains

While I assume that most sane people found better things to do last Saturday than watch the BBC's coverage of the UUP's party conference, which mainly consisted of Ulster Unionists ineptly recycling DUP policies, it also provided more proof that the UUP is still split on the issue of the Tory link.

With Owen Paterson present as a specially-invited guest, viewers were treated to an interview with former leader, Reg Empey, in which he admitted that he takes the Tory whip in the House of Lords. This jars with Tom Elliott's assertions that UCUNF is dead and that the Ulster Unionist Party is working solely "under its own banner".

This is yet another example of the UUP lurching from one day to the next in a state of confusion.

The UUP can hardly expect people to start listening to them again when they continue to be divided on the very question of what their party is; are they the Ulster Unionist Party or the Northern Ireland Tory Party?

Tom Elliott needs to make a decision and force his party colleagues to toe the line.


Belfast City Council

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