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Congratulations for hospitality at Police Games

I AM writing to thank the people of Belfast for giving athletes, supporters, sponsors and business such a wonderful time during the Police and Fire Games.

Promoted as The Friendly Games, this description falls far short of what we experienced; it was by far the most efficient and well-organised that I have attended. I have been to Games in USA, Korea, Liverpool and Australia, and I talked to participants from most of the 67 countries that attended, and my views are overwhelmingly fully supported.

The police on duty were so friendly and professional, wonderful ambassadors for your entire community; the volunteers too who not only gave up their time also financed their own travel and accommodation.

The opening ceremony was attended by both the First and Deputy First Ministers and also your top police and fire officials, all giving such good speeches and showing passion for the future wellbeing of all the people of Northern Ireland.

Thousands of us from all over the world left Belfast with the fondest memories to take home and share, spreading the good news of a wonderful, friendly and vibrant Northern Ireland, whose future I am convinced will continue to prosper.

Prior to the Games I was away from home for a month in Asia, so after travelling straight to Belfast, one would imagine that I would be looking forward to going home; after 34 years in the business I can truthfully say that I was sorry to be leaving you all, thank you.



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