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Congratulations Kevin Myers on a brilliant article

What a marvellous piece by Kevin Myers about the passing of summer reminding him of the death of his mother (Comment, September 1).

I attended the funeral of an elderly relative the next day and Kevin put into words so many of the things I have often thought.

My mother was one of a family of eight and so - counting husbands and wives - there have been 15 funerals to date.

But not to be morbid, I loved the part of the article that discussed Kevin's mother only ever having had one chop. Being a child of wartime, that really rang a bell.

The whole thing was so beautifully written that I was nearly in tears by the end of it.

Kevin Myers is a great asset to your paper. I don't always agree with what he writes - or understand it sometimes - but so often he seems to say what people are thinking.

Long may his thoughts continue to grace the pages of the Belfast Telegraph.


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