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Conservative pact a cause for concern

There are real reasons to be concerned at a DUP-Conservative link-up in Britain.

While holding office, several of the senior figures in the DUP attempted to implement the surely madcap doctrine of 'Young Creationism' in the north's school and university curricula and in its museums.

This particular belief system eschews centuries of scientific and evolutionary research in favour of a literal interpretation of the Christian-Judaic 'Adam and Eve' story. Centuries ago, Islamic and Judaic scholars turned their backs on this notion.

So do the vast majority of Christians today.

Its many other social and ideological viewpoints are, likewise, problematic. There is the well-founded charge of homophobia, as well as the issue of the DUP's perceived misogynistic and Islamophobic image.

A former Conservative PM and others have warned of the possible "undermining" of the Good Friday Agreement in the event of an enduring DUP-Tory pact.

It is hardly surprising, therefore, the broad British electorate are more than a little jumpy at present.

Their concerns are real.

billy fitzpatrick

Terenure, Dublin

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