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Conservatives and Unionists a potent force

In recent weeks, a number of correspondents to Writeback have attacked the link between the Conservative Party and the Ulster Unionist Party.

This arrangement will ultimately strengthen the union by encouraging people in Northern Ireland to see politics in terms of positive economic and social development rather than a sectarian headcount.

The Conservatives and Unionists will give people the chance to vote for a party capable of forming the next national British government. No other party can offer local voters that opportunity.

If Conservative and Unionist candidates are returned to Westminster there will be a direct line to the heart of UK Government, something we sorely lack.

We can never influence the decision makers by simply holding out the begging bowl as is current DUP and Sinn Fein practice.

The isolationism of the DUP is similar to the nationalism of the SNP and like that nationalism it is a threat to the stability of the Union. Indeed, even many Nationalist voters should still see that it is necessary to vote in terms other than the constitutional issue; taxes, health and education affect the everyone in the community in the same way regardless of whether they are Unionists or Nationalists.


Conservative Nominee East Belfast


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