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Conservatives offer a strong centre-right voice

We are former members of the Ulster Unionist Party who subsequently joined the Northern Ireland Conservatives in order to bring mainstream, centre-right politics to Northern Ireland.

We wholeheartedly supported the Conservatives and Unionists pact, which gave voters here a chance to return local MPs to the UK Government in the 2010 General Election, but we were disappointed that its campaign was blighted by organisational problems and mixed messages.

The UUP's attempts to offer the electorate centre-right politics with a national dimension have long since stalled. However, the Conservative Party is still committed to delivering to people in Northern Ireland a meaningful voice at Westminster, where issues like taxation, the block grant and foreign policy are decided, as well as a new party at Stormont, which will work to grow the economy by encouraging a culture of enterprise, combat poverty caused by welfare dependency and help build a genuinely shared future.

We are a full part of a dedicated team of Northern Ireland Conservatives, who are working hard to achieve these goals.

From our many years of experience, we know that many Ulster Unionists share our vision. Northern Ireland needs to be at the heart of UK politics at Westminster and it needs a strong, centre-right voice at Stormont.

HARRY CULLEN (East Londonderry), BILL McKENDRY (Strangford),



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