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Constitutional anomaly which can be resolved

There are those who claim that the citizens of Northern Ireland should be free to vote in the forthcoming Irish presidential election.

For these people, the constitutional realities of Ireland haven't sunk in. Ireland is now constituted as two separate states and to assert that the people of the six-county state should be free to vote in the 26-county presidential election is as constitutionally nonsensical as to assert that citizens of Spain should be free to vote in the Portuguese elections.

The constitutional, sectarian anomaly in Ireland is the outcome of violent campaigns by republicans to overthrow the UK constitution by brute force.

But the existing constitutional set-up is now endorsed by Sinn Fein, which sits happily propping up a Right-wing unionist state.

This constitutional anomaly can be resolved by scrapping the UK and Republic constitutions and replacing both with a single constitution acceptable to all.

A suggested acceptable constitutional replacement is a Federal Kingdom of the Sovereign Nation of Ireland and Great Britain (or vice-versa) defined in the National Government of Ireland Act enacted at Westminster.




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