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Consultation or authority?

I WOULD like to commend last week's column by Ed Curran (February 22) in which he raised vital questions about the involvement of the Irish government at Hillsborough looking at Strand One Northern Ireland matters.

In the Belfast Agreement negotiated by the UUP it ensured that the Strand One issues - such as security, policing and internal UK matters - were dealt with solely by the British Government and the Northern Ireland parties.

However, the continued presence of the Irish government at Hillsborough in January was in contrast to that.

I agree with Ed that this goes beyond consultation and appears to those who watched from the sidelines as joint co-operation.

I would pose Ed's question to the DUP - the party claiming a victory in this 'New Deal': where does joint co-operation end and joint authority begin?


MLA for Fermanagh South Tyrone


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