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Consumerism a genuine threat to our planet

If I had a pound for every time I heard a Chancellor of the Exchequer make a vacuous statement about getting the economy growing again, I'd be well on my way to economic growth myself.

As long as the economy is growing, the Government hopes we will buy into the conspiracy of denial over its sustainability.

But, surely, our over-plundered planet can't indefinitely resource the 4x4s, the conservatories and the skiing holidays that more of us either enjoy or aspire to?

If the whole world consumed resources at the same rate as the USA, we would need five planet earths to subsidise our lifestyles - and five more to dump our rubbish on.

Unrestrained consumerism has always been bankrupt, morally and environmentally. Irrespective of the Chancellor's Budget, we should budget to live more simply, so that others may simply live.


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