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Contemplate the Bible's words as we decide on EU

The pendulum of the EU debate for a Yes or No vote will swing back and forth over the next few months as politicians, big business and the media all vie for what is in our best interests.

Personalities rather than policy will likely determine the outcome and that in itself can confuse our thinking.

I suspect the electorate will decide on the basis of whether they are a supporter of the EU, or are more sceptical of its institutions, as we cannot understand all the facts on which to make an informed choice.

Ultimately, the prophet Isaiah in the Bible makes a profound statement (40:15), when he says: "Behold, the nations are as a drop in a bucket and are counted as the small dust on the scales."

Better to take a high-level view of what God has to say than get too caught up in the vested interests and machinations of men.



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