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Continue to expose vile child-sex trade

It is good to see the Belfast Telegraph continue to highlight the abhorrent child-sex tourist trade that is still thriving throughout Cambodia and probably other south east Asian countries.

Jim Gamble, ex-chief executive of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (Ceop), and John Walsh, host of US TV show America's Most Wanted, said they were shocked when they went into a Cambodian bar where there were 50 to 60 girls.

Mr Walsh said the experience was “disgusting and heartbreaking”.

He said Western paedophiles from the US, Britain and Germany travelled east to Cambodia as international sex tourists.

Why is this trade still being allowed to flourish after all these years?

Surely if there was a will, joint international action could stop most of it, jail the perpetrators and give future children a life free from this hell.

Is this is asking too much of the international community?

Obviously, when there is money to be made, some people in high places are happy to turn a blind eye.


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