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Corbyn deserves better from critics within party

No sooner has Jeremy Corbyn been democratically elected as the new Labour Party leader than former New Labour bigwigs David Blunkett and Charles Clarke put the boot in - Blunkett saying Corbyn "is in a parallel universe to the electorate" with his policies and Clarke describing him as "an absurd vessel for the disaffected". Many other Labour MPs echo these sentiments with resignations galore from the shadow Cabinet.

It is obvious that such MPs do not want Corbyn as leader and believe that his Left-wing sympathies and policies will make Labour unelectable under him. The arrogance of these Labour MPs with their critical remarks is staggering.

First of all, they have to accept that Jeremy Corbyn has a mandate to lead the party, winning 59.5% of the vote - 40% ahead of his nearest rival Andy Burnham.

Secondly, they have to accept that Labour supporters want the party to move to the Left and away from the centrist position of the existing party.

It is refreshing to have seen the emergence of the "Corbyn phenomenon" - a politician with genuinely held Left-wing/socialist beliefs and convictions.

Electing a conviction politician such as Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party will shake up UK politics for the better in general. It will also be good for the Labour Party, as it will help it rediscover its socialist roots and present a real alternative to Conservative politics (which really only look out for big business and the rich).

I am looking forward to seeing Jeremy Corbyn at Prime Minister's Questions really challenging the austerity programme of the Conservative Party.

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So Labour MPs, before condemning Jeremy Corbyn before he has even begun his work as leader of the party, give your new leader a chance.


Lisburn, Co Antrim