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Corbyn supporters must take control

Michael McKeown (Write Back, August 18) suggests that the Socialist Party and our predecessor - the Militant tendency - have only ever supported Labour candidates who embrace our own "particular brand of dogma".

In fact, our sister parties in Britain actively campaigned for a Jeremy Corbyn-led government in the general election.

In Northern Ireland, we have taken initiatives alongside others with whom we have differences in order to re-popularise labour politics as the alternative to the Orange and Green status quo.

We think Labour should be rebuilt as a broad, federal party of all those opposed to austerity and on the side of the 99%.

However, the pro-capitalist, Blairite infiltrators currently ensconced in the party's upper echelons are implacably opposed to Corbyn's left policies - despite his mass support - and are determined to remove him. Labour should be democratised from top to bottom to allow Corbyn supporters to assume these positions.

Mr McKeown also derides the efforts of Labour Alternative - which the Socialist Party initiated - to put cross-community, left politics on the agenda in Northern Ireland, and compares it negatively to People Before Profit (PBP). PBP's electoral success is undeniable.

However, PBP is based almost entirely within one community and its positions on the divisive questions place it, in the eyes of most, within the nationalist camp. Ultimately, this is not a solid basis upon which to challenge austerity or sectarianism.

In contrast, Labour Alternative organises across the divide and is sensitive to the aspirations and concerns of people in both communities, advocating mutual respect and compromise.

This is the only way to bring working class people together to fight for their common interests.

Daniel Waldron

Socialist Party

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