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Corbyn's Labour party has diverse opinions


Daniel Waldron (Writeback, Sept 22 ), writing on behalf of the Socialist Party, says that the Cross Community Labour Alternative advocates 'mutual respect and compromise'.

I have seen scant evidence of this, either from his party or its Militant Tendency predecessor throughout the years.

Their established modus operandi has consistently been defined by infiltration of other political parties, venomous denunciations and shrill abuse of anyone and everyone who does not subscribe unquestioningly to their rigid Trotskyist agenda.

Caricaturing Corbyn as a cult figure who should be followed by the 'masses' will not secure their re-admission to his party, which has long experience of their entryist tactics, duplicity and internecine destructiveness.

Just as a flea does not dictate to an elephant, the Labour Party will not take lectures from outside fringe elements about how to run their organisation.

Having got the incontinent monkey of Militant Tendency off its back many years ago, the party has once again successfully accommodated its various diverse strands of opinion as major parties tend to do.

Indeed, Corbyn himself has appointed Owen Smith, who opposed him for the leadership, to the shadow cabinet.

I have not derided 'cross-community left politics' as Daniel has alleged. On the contrary, I have openly condemned his party's infiltration of the Labour Party in Northern Ireland and elsewhere.

Entryism is distasteful and demeaning to those who engage in it. It also demonstrates a desperate lack of confidence in their own party's capacity to attract legitimate support.

Only one weapon is required to battle this disingenuous and deceitful approach and that is the ice pick of integrity.

Michael McKeown


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