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Corbyn's stance on obsolete Trident is remarkable

Of course Jeremy Corbyn is mad because he wouldn't press the nuclear button. And doesn't his reluctance to incinerate millions not display poor leadership qualities?

Then again, does he not realise that patrolling UK waters with four submarines, carrying up to 40 American nuclear missiles, is guaranteed to repel the imminent waves of al-Qaida and Isis terrorists, or even desperate refugees, from landing on British beaches?

Is he not economically illiterate in failing to recognise the efficiency of squandering £100bn over 40 years on a useless weapons system at a time of austerity and welfare cuts?

In short, does he not see the cost-effectiveness of choosing such an obsolete system over 150,000 new nurses or new primary schools?

Finally, has he not grasped the truth that the UK has to be one of the nine nuclear nations in a world of 193 states, because it needs to pretend that it is still a major power on the world stage?

Yes, indeed, Jeremy Corbyn is a psychotic madman, mentally unfit to lead a great country.

We should be relieved we have at our helm a man of sanity and substance, strong enough to keep Britain free of the swarms of bombers, immigrants and tired, poor, huddled masses threatening to overrun our teeming shores.


Director, Humanist Association of Northern Ireland

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