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Corporation tax case is too vague

Eamonn Donaghy (Comment, August 22) has restated his case for a reduction in corporation tax. It is a very flimsy case.

Eamonn accepts that his policy will be costly to the Northern Ireland block grant. He accepts that he does not know exactly how costly. He even admits that the costs may be prohibitive.

Since the cost picture is cloudy, Eamonn wants to concentrate on the benefits which, he claims, will result from a reduction in corporation tax.

But, apart from some woolly waffle about generating long-term jobs, he is as vague about the benefits as he is about the costs. He has no idea how many jobs - if any - will result.

If Eamonn's 'business plan' was presented to a reputable finance house for funding, they would throw it in the bin as pie in the sky.

Hopefully, the Stormont Executive will do just that when they return from their extended summer holidays.


Secretary, Labour Party in Northern Ireland

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