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Correspondent gets her Gaelic muddled


Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Belfast Telegraph letters to the Editor

Once again, I find myself moved to correspondence by the increasingly reality-free witterings of your columnist Ruth Dudley Edwards.

In the latest instalment of her seemingly endless rant against anything relating even remotely to Sinn Fein (Comment, May 1), she has a go at the Irish language ability of the monumental masons who carved Martin McGuinness' headstone.

This is ironic, because, in closing, she refers to McGuinness as a "traitor" (treatuir).

If Ruth Dudley Edwards was in any way worried about accuracy as Gaeilge, she would know that the Gaelic word for traitor is "feallaire".

I'm not complaining about Ms Edwards' actual writings, as such, given that she is clearly only on nodding terms with reality.

However, is it too much to ask that someone fact-checks her copy before it is published - if only to save the poor woman from making herself look like a complete "oinseach" (idiot)?


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