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Correspondent has been taken in by hype of LGBT lifestyle and fails to acknowledge its darker side

letter of the day: BELFAST PRIDE

I WAS very disappointed to read Alf McCreary's article (Saturday Review, August 11) on the Pride parade, as he appears to have succumbed to the polished PR of the LGBT community.

It is one thing to view the razzmatazz of a parade, but another altogether to see the dark side of a lifestyle which, because it was never one intended by our creator, causes results which are harmful to those involved in it.

How much does it cost the NHS to provide drugs for STDs and HIV, to say nothing of the operations needed to rectify problems caused by unnatural sexual behaviour?

The minister Mr McCreary mentioned, from Cork, is on shaky ground when he states "God must be the God ... of all love ... no ifs or buts". Does that, therefore, include incest, polyamory or paedophilia?

And why does Mr McCreary think that sexual inclination has anything to do with contribution to our society? Surely people are employed for their ability, not their sexual habits? There is no need for the PSNI, banks, or anyone else, to jump on this bandwagon.

Certainly, Churches can - and should - welcome anyone and everyone, as we are all sinners. But the God of love is also a holy God, whose love is shown in forgiveness and a new start, following him and doing what he has commanded, which includes turning from sin and living a holy life. Christ loves us as we are, but loves us too much to leave us like that.

It was ironic to read in Mr McCreary's side article the words: "Why are the Churches today so obsessed with sex?"

What are the media today obsessed with? And has the Church not the right to express its view in reply?


Tandragee, Co Armagh

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