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Cost of cleaning-up Sellafield

I am very concerned about the existence of Sellafield/ Windscale, directly across the water from our coast and the alleged dumping of nuclear waste in the sea between us and Scotland (Beaufort Dyke).


The Irish Sea is one of the most polluted in the world. Such a shame.


What's a few billion among friends? Was it not already budgeted as part of operating costs?


Forward planning? You must be joking. The taxpayer hit again no doubt.


The safety controls put in place for all chemicals on any manufacturing site is heavily regulated. Surely such radioactive waste must have been inspected by agencies. What is really going on with that industry's safety program?


Undercover cops use dead children's identities

I agree that this was probably unnecessary – but insensitive? Why would the parents be involved at all? They wouldn't know and therefore would not be distressed. Only if someone had been digging might this come to light. The parents of a dead child would know anyone with the same name is not their child.


Very distasteful, and indeed upsetting for the families involved. There is no reason why identities couldn't have been created from scratch. No excuse, other than stupidity and insensitivity. That said, errors in judgment can happen, and the past cannot be undone. I'm sure it wasn't done maliciously, and let's hope a lesson is learned


This is not particularly surprising.


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