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Council playing its part to fight animal cruelty

I want to use Write Back to thank all those parties in Belfast City Council who supported my idea that a sticker be circulated throughout the city advertising the animal welfare services that council provides.

This sticker can be stuck on people's bins and allows them to keep a record of the numbers they need to call if they see suspected cases of animal cruelty or neglect.

It is a small step, but one I hope can have a real impact. A well-informed public is a vital element in the campaign to eradicate cruelty and neglect of animals.

There is an increasing awareness in wider society of this scourge, and it is encouraging that so many people are getting involved in the campaign to end cruelty to animals and bring those who engage in such criminal behaviour before the courts.

In this inexpensive way, I hope the council can help to play a stronger leadership role in stamping out cruelty to animals.


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