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Council should face scrutiny

As a ratepayer in the Derry area I find it hard to believe that the council in Derry appears to be able to do whatever it likes and does not seem to be answerable to anyone.

I feel that the council should be thoroughly investigated with regards to the deal it made with Ryanair.

If the council was not charging Ryanair tax, does that mean that they were paying the tax with ratepayers money, then Ryanair in turn charged us tax for travelling with them? So, in effect, all ratepayers who also travelled with Ryanair were paying double tax indirectly.

Was this deal within the EU air transport authority rules, and if not, why was it allowed to be done?

I think our so-called politicians should be looking into this matter very closely.

British Airways stopped their Manchester flight from City of Derry probably because they could not compete with Ryanair, who started operating to Liverpool. This is hardly surprising when you see that there is one rule for British Airways and another for Ryanair.

Alan Goodall Derry

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