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Council threats over new laws - that's a laugh

I READ with interest (and perhaps some frustration) about our councils cleaning up their act (News, March 27).

We already have fines (maximum £500) for dog fouling, dog licensing offences, litter dropping and parking offences and lots of warning notices.

New laws are totally useless when they are not backed up with people with authority to enforce them. They leave it to law-abiding Joe Public to do that and, given that some dog-owners can be a lot more scary than their pets, who is going to challenge them when the dog leaves a mess?

Are they expected to tremble when told there is yet another fine for what they have been doing for years without being caught?

I wonder how many people know that the No Smoking inside bus shelters isn't the responsibility of Translink? Because the shelters are the property of the council.

Councils threatening more laws will just raise a laugh. It's time that they took the courage to recruit more people to enforce them.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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