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Councillors get it easy as rest of us struggle

So now we know. Figures released last week revealed that rates collected in Northern Ireland in 2011/12 exceeded £1bn for the first time in our history.

This represented an increase in revenues for local authorities of more than 5%. However, as we all know now to our cost, this was not enough for our greedy councils as they awarded themselves additional hefty increases at our expense for 2012/13. How many ratepayers got a pay increase of 5% in 2011 and then put in for a further pay increase in 2012?

Councillors cannot go on squandering our money on grandiose schemes while we cannot heat our homes, fuel a car, or pay for our children's education.

It is high time this lot was voted out and sensible, decent individuals, who live on this planet, are voted in. Do it.



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