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Council's stance on recycling must be commended

I COULDN'T disagree more with Fionola Meredith's article (DebateNI, April 1) on recycling of food waste in Ards/North Down.

Our current rate of food waste is well-documented and so the very least we can do is separate it for composting by the council. At least it will be put to good use, rather than yet more waste going to landfill.

I've been using the under-sink caddy (which would fit under the smallest of sinks) to separate my food waste for years now and it takes no effort to scrape my food waste and peelings into it, rather than my regular bin.

I previously used it without a liner and tipped the contents directly into my green bin; the year's supply of liners from the council are very nice to have, but not necessary.

My neighbours have been saying, literally for years, that they really must/really should separate their food waste without actually doing so. Now they do - it's as simple as that.

That is why Ards/North Down council have had to make it compulsory - people sometimes need to be told. Before long, it will be as routine as recycling paper, plastic and glass, which we now wouldn't dream of throwing away to landfill.

I can only congratulate this council for taking a pioneering stance. Fionola, your piece was old-fashioned, somewhat hysterical and an irresponsible piece of journalism.

I would urge you to think just how much effort it really takes to do the best we possibly can in the West to make amends for our excessive consumption.


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