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Coup threats over new leader truly pathetic

I am horrified by the suggestion that the military might consider a coup if they were to dislike the actions of a future Prime Minister Corbyn. Even if that is simply the musing of a possibly unhinged general, it is worrying in the extreme.

The outrage and panic that have set in after the selection of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party are unacceptable in a free society.

There has been nothing but negative publicity from the outset. Not a single broadsheet newspaper has presented a balanced picture and nearly all columnists attack the leader in intemperate terms. The tabloids are not worth mentioning, except for the fact that the public falsely believe that they are getting a true picture from them.

Party members, who feel they have lost their place on the gravy train, are examining ways to get rid of their recently selected leader, or pushing to establish another party that will bend to their will.

We have seen that before and I hope they will remember what happened to the SDP. A free society needs access to information. If we can't have a proper debate and there are threats of coups, what distinguishes this country from a banana republic?


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