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Courage could benefit politicians

An interesting discussion took place in our household after reading: 'What makes a man' (Belfast Telegraph, Aug 13).

Instead of kindness being regarded as the least manly trait, we thought it should be given equal first status with courage. Courage is defined as a quality that enables us to meet danger without giving way to fear.

There are occasions, however, where we are not placed in physical danger, but need courage and kindness together, to communicate with empathy to respect different opinions, values and stages of life.

The men and women we know and admire most use their courage with kindness and the love Saint Paul writes of in 1 Cor 13:4-7. These virtues, with the will to use them, are at the heart of peacemaking, offering the open hand of respect, love and forgiveness.

With these qualities a change could certainly be made in our present discriminative political stalemate. Our politicians might benefit from a spell in Corrymeela, where differences and difficulties can be faced in a place of safety.

Ian and Miriam Murray


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