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Courthouse ruin shame

After years of attacks, Crumlin Road Courthouse has finally succumbed. What is left now is only a shell and another part of our built heritage and a symbol of our history is no more.

We will probably be told it can be rebuilt, but not one penny of tax money should be spent on creating a theme park look-a-like of the original. We had the real thing and in the centre of Belfast the powers-that-be could not protect it.

When the property was sold for development for £1, I assume certain conditions were attached to the transaction that would ensure the historic building was preserved.

Now that cannot happen I think it only fair to the developers that they be released from any such obligations and they receive their money back in full. The ground should be returned to public sector owner

ship and sold for development.

What about housing, with no strings attached about retention of any part of the ruin.

As a final gesture, a history of the courthouse should be prepared.



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