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Courts are letting the public down

I continue to be dismayed, angered and horrified to see the raft of lenient sentences dished out on a weekly basis by our courts for often serious offences.

We have community sentences, community contracts, token fines, concurrent sentences, extra months added to previously broken driving bans, probation orders, suspended jail sentences.

On top of this we have the continued madness of the 50% remission policy within our prisons!

The frequent and widespread use of these so called 'penalties' has made a sick joke of the whole judicial process and are a slap in the face to anyone who supports law and order and the police.

What is the point of the police spending time, resources and energy going after serial lawbreakers when time and time again the courts hand out weak sentences that are plainly no deterrent?

This is certainly not the case within other European Union countries, where the law and the police are respected, so why does it happen here?

T J McClean Belfast

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