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Coverage at odds with an enlightening event

You have recently given some highly critical coverage to the conference on human sexuality in the context of Christian belief organised by the bishops of the Church of Ireland for general synod members. As a synod member and a participant, I found the conference valuable.

I went with some reluctance. I am not comfortable with the issue, but it is there and I wish to see all people treated justly. I suspect I speak for many in the church.

The gay and lesbian participants in the conference were people of faith who enlightened us.

I have never seen an occasion in the life of the church when so many people of different and opposing views came together and talked and listened so respectfully to each other.

I thank the bishops for their courage in organising this event.

I am proud of those of my fellow synod members who made the considerable sacrifice of time and money to work together in a spirit of devotion, respect and good humour, as we seek to further the worship and witness of the whole Church of Ireland.


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