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Cowen got it right in nuclear weapons speech

I WAS pleased to read in the Belfast Telegraph (News, October 6) the speech from the Taoiseach, Brian Cowen, about climate change and nuclear weapons disarmament and non-proliferation.

Climate change and the proliferation of nuclear weapons are two of the most pressing issues affecting our world today and strong diplomacy from the UK and the Republic is essential. As a country which is legally precluded from developing nuclear energy or nuclear weapons, Mr Cowen's speech comes from a spirit of integrity and consistency.

I hope the Republic's Government can take a leading role in this future debate and put forward innovative strategies to nuclear weapon states and the rest of the world. We clearly need a realistic timetable on developing a nuclear weapons convention and movement to disarm weapons in a controlled manner. Only this type of strategy will encourage certain countries from developing such weapons and making our world ever more unstable.

I encourage our own First Minister and deputy First Minister to make similarly bold statements. By showing such solidarity, we can encourage the Government to engage on this issue, and work as well with the Irish Government for the goal of a nuclear weapons-free world.


Co-chair, All Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities Forum


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