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Cowen's approach outmoded

It is worth recalling that Brian Cowen gave an interview to Aine Lawlor on 'Morning Ireland' on September 15 2009 having just emerged from a Fianna Fail parliamentary meeting in Athlone.

He conducted the interview in a quite dreadful fumbling manner. His performance was almost as inept as the one he gave to Cathal Mac Coille on Tuesday that has gained worldwide notoriety.

The problem is far deeper for Mr Cowen than a man giving a singularly below-par, one-off performance on radio. His communication skills and whole approach to public engagement are outmoded.

They belong to an age when a Taoiseach could get away with throwing out some semi-facts and figures.

His disastrous interview with Mr Mac Coille adds further weight to the argument -- especially in a time of national crisis -- that Mr Cowen is simply not up to the job and should go.

Pierce Martin

Celbridge, Co Kildare

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