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Crackdown on benefits causes veteran stress

The news that disabled war veterans are being "humiliated" by the benefits crackdown is distressing.

Combat Stress, like many charities working with injured military veterans, has heard stories from those we treat regarding the reassessment process.

The veterans we work with are proud men and women who are living with mental wounds as a result of their military service.

They want to work, but the trauma they have suffered prevents this and they often find it difficult to undertake everyday tasks.

Being reassessed could increase anxiety and all our veterans have been in full-time employment, but the journey back can be difficult. Last month, the High Court in London ruled that the reassessment process put those with mental health problems at a substantial disadvantage and subsequently people could be unwilling to report their condition due to "shame, or fear of discrimination".

We ask the Department for Work and Pensions to ensure that psychological injuries be given the same consideration as physical wounds.


Chief executive, Combat Stress

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