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Cranky Keane should keep his mouth shut

Back in the day when Jack Charlton was Irish soccer manager, he often advised someone who was getting into a twist over a poor match result to 'calm down', 'it's only a game of football' and 'nobody died'.

The Irish supporters singing their song with gusto in Gdansk the other night as their team was being shot to pieces on the pitch realised this much - it's only a ball game.

It was a sign of their maturity that they reacted in the way they did. But Roy Keane, predictably and not for the first time, couldn't resist putting the boot in.

Keane is a bitter little man with a big chip on his shoulder who got a dose of the sulks in Saipan in 2002, walked out on his team-mates, got on a plane and just flew home.

He seems to take delight when things go badly in the Irish camp. The man is an overbearing crank whose day has come and gone and whose comments are always less than helpful.


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