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Creationism is an ugly parody of real science

Your report on creationists trying to insinuate their nonsense into the Ulster Museum (News, May 27) is depressing.

Creationism is not science, but a grotesque parody of science, constructed to give a veneer of respectability to rigid and irrational fundamentalist beliefs.

Their arguments have been examined and debunked.

Ironically, David McIlveen had only to look at some of the exhibits in the excellent earth science section of the museum to see how false his beliefs are.

When there a few weeks ago, I noted a specimen of rock salt from Carrickfergus and rocks bearing casts of salt crystals and desiccation cracks - all proof of arid conditions at the time of deposition, not a global flood as the creationists believe.

I wonder if Nelson McCausland or David McIlveen have ever investigated creationist claims.


Warrington, Cheshire