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Creationism response shows its utter absurdity

I wish to congratulate Andrew Lovell on his response (Write Back, July 13) to Fionola Meredith's excellent article on creationism at the Giant's Causeway (Comment, July 11).

I want to thank him for illustrating so beautifully exactly what is wrong with the 'thinking' behind creationism and why the National Trust has made such a monumental blunder.

Just like Mr Lovell, creationism mixes fact with fiction and makes a mockery of science. It is clear from his letter that he has no idea what science is about, yet he feels sufficiently qualified to promote a form of religious science.

There is no such thing as religious science. If you mix the two you have idiotic quackery.

The staggering absurdity of Mr Lovell's last line, in reference to the formation of the Giant's Causeway, really does take one's breath away: " ... this explanation fits the evidence much better than the evolutionary theory ..."

The evolutionary theory does not apply to the formation of rocks. It is the process of gradual change in life-forms over many generations. You are confusing biology and geology. How long do you think it will be before successive generations of schoolchildren evolve into utter imbecility if people like you meddle in their education?

Mr Lovell is absolutely within his rights to believe what he wishes. However they should not be given any credibility, such as the National Trust has naively done.



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