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Creationist debate is just about equality

May I, on behalf of the Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches, welcome the decision of the National Trust to include an acknowledgement of the creationist viewpoint at the new Giant's Causeway visitor centre?

It will mean that thousands of Christians from Northern Ireland and around the world will be able to visit the centre and enjoy its beauty knowing that their right to worship has been respected. Creationists hold to the view of a young earth primarily because of their interpretation of the Bible, but also because of the research conducted by many scientists that interpret the rock formations to be consistent with a young earth position.

The hostility shown by those who would deny the right of a Christian viewpoint to be included as an alternative view to that held by the majority of scientists is in marked contrast to the fair attitude of the National Trust in this issue. This present debate is about equality and freedom of expression - not about the creation/evolution debate.

Evangelical Christians and Churches have long felt discriminated against and excluded by public bodies and some sections of the media. We trust that the example shown by the National Trust will help to bring such discrimination to an end. We appreciate the efforts of The Caleb Foundation in presenting the case for equality to the National Trust to be discussed in a calm manner.


Fellowship of Independent Methodist Churches


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